Brent Coralli

‘Working for the Enemy’ – Once Club Soccer Rival Now Works for Sting Soccer’s Brent Coralli

Brent Coralli


May 14

Brent Coralli


We recently posted ‘Brent Coralli’s Sting Soccer Player Profile: Once Rival, Now Advocate – Jessica Schuveiller’ on our Sting blog. In it, we talk about how Jessica Schuveiller never imagined herself as a Sting Soccer player.


Jessica was part of another club team and it wasn’t until her coach – current Director of Coaching at Sting Soccer – Kenny Medina moved to Sting. It was her senior year in high school when her team followed.  “Our once rival club team became the uniform we wore, which was at first really hard,” she said.


Today, Jessica Maday lives in Fort Worth with her college sweetheart/husband, and their one year old son.  She is currently the National Accounts Manager at VOLA Sports and reports to me.


I like this post for several reasons:


–        Jessica is terrific and a valuable part of my VOLA team;

–        Jessica provides great perspective on how soccer helped her grow as a person;

–        Jessica’s story is similar to many of the young women who have been a part of Sting; and

–        Jessica gives sound advice for current and future athletes.


In addition, there are two videos that are part of this blog:


The first is of Jessica from “back in the day”:



The second provides details surrounding our tassel ceremony. In the post, Jessica says, “I’ll be honest, I initially didn’t have an interest in getting deep into the Sting culture since I was only playing there for one year before leaving for college. “For example, our team was not a fan of the tradition of the tassels – – I did not have a full understanding of the deep meaning behind it.”


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