Brent Coralli

Brent Coralli on The Intersection of Business and Sports

Brent Coralli


Nov 13

Brent Coralli


Welcome. My name is Brent Coralli.

As an athlete, I learned to focus my passion on results which are quantifiable. This experience showed me how important it is to train hard and smart. Since I’ve had first-hand experience with the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat,” I intuitively understand the importance of goal setting and teamwork. It is therefore no surprise that this passion, this drive to excel, is also very much evident in my business – Sting Soccer.


With this blog, I hope to share some things I’ve learned about business, sports and how they often complement each other. It’s not always been tidy – real life seldom is – but it has been amazingly fulfilling. Most of my day-to-day energy is spent on my company and my passion, which is Sting Soccer.


Our Dallas-based girls’ soccer club has won a dozen national championships since 1973, which qualifies our organization as one of the best amateur sports clubs in the world. Unlike many (most) youth sports groups, Sting Soccer has an organizational structure and business systems which we’ve been told rival many multinational corporations.


Our organization has become as successful as the players who take to the field wearing our

colors. Using a long-term strategy of gradual growth in membership, the club has grown stronger each year. In the process, it has helped thousands of young women become more confident individuals. So, how did this come about?


Investing in Youth Soccer


The road to owning and managing a highly successful youth soccer club started for me with my son and two daughters. All three were athletes and, like any father, I wanted them to be as successful as they could be. My involvement with my children’s sports ignited a competitive spark which eventually led me to research the soccer programs for girls.


What I discovered was a great potential, not only for helping young women like my daughters to become more confident and successful in life, but also for a successful business venture. In a nutshell, I found a way to “do well and do good” and it involved youth soccer.


The Sting Model


After deciding to get involved with youth soccer, I knew I wanted to create a professional organization rather than one where the staff was largely made up of volunteers. Having a paid staff has allowed us to maintain consistency and accountability within our organizational structure, from operations and finance to curriculum development and coaching. From the beginning, I felt this would help us sustain a club which would be highly competitive, year in and year out.


After searching for the right club to apply this approach, I found what seemed to be the perfect organization in Sting Soccer, one of the oldest and most successful clubs in Dallas. Interest in soccer is huge in North Texas and we were very fortunate that the founder of Sting and one of the pioneers in youth soccer, Bill Kinder, was willing to sell the club that he had nurtured since 1973. It gave us an excellent foundation on which to build out our vision for a premiere girls’ soccer club.


Building a Winning Team



Sting Soccer Athletes

As cliché as it may sound, I really love coming to work every day. My entrepreneurial passion is fed by building an organization that is second to none. Many people ask me about the trials and triumphs of being an entrepreneur. We are a strange breed!


In order to be a successful entrepreneur, I have found you have to really care about a cause and it has to be bigger than yourself. You have to be supremely confident in your plans but smart enough to realize that things change and plans must too.


What else is involved in owning a successful business? The ability to multi-task definitely helps, but while completing these tasks, it’s critical to see patterns in the ebb and flow of activities. Anyone who wants to lead a team – whether it’s a youth soccer club or a Fortune 500 company – must inspire everyone around them. The team must believe in the mission of the organization and this starts with the leader.


I like to think my passion for leadership and striving for success has been transferred to the young women who join Sting Soccer. Our club is consistently ranked among the best in the nation by such publications as National Soccer Ranking and the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), a national youth soccer league founded in 2009 for the purpose of providing the highest level of competition for American female youth soccer players. Sting Soccer is recognized worldwide for excellence.


Entrepreneurship: A Full Contact Sport


In an ideal world, sports should teach life lessons to those who make the sacrifices to participate. Learning to win and lose gracefully is a lifelong challenge and youth sports can impart this lesson like no schoolroom can.


A Note: Thank you for reading Brent’s blog. Brent and the Sting Soccer Staff will continue to share stories we are passionate about: Achieving Excellence On and Off the Field; Life Lessons Through Sports; and the Importance and Benefits of Community and Giving Back.

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