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Brent Coralli On Commitment and Leadership

Brent Coralli


Feb 14

Brent Coralli


misc pics 23 951If you’ve been reading these blogs for the past few months you’ve probably noticed the topics discussed are very near and dear to me. For example, the powerful economic impact of amateur sports on communities which support them is something I feel strongly about.


We’ve introduced you to some of the factors that went into our launching of our active sports line – VOLA – and how sports apparel can get you in the zone on the field.


We’ve also introduced you to our mission at Sting Soccer and how it transcends sports. Plus, we’ve attempted to show how traditions such as our presentation of tassels to our younger players can give them a foundation that will last a lifetime.


We Walk the Walk


For this post, I thought we’d change it up a little. Since the topics for this week are two of our most important pillars of the Sting Soccer – Commitment and Leadership – it seems appropriate that this comes directly from me. Why? Just as we work hard to instill these two traits in the actions of our young athletes, the management of our organization, including yours truly, must walk the walk and talk the talk of commitment and leadership.


Our management team, coaches and staff are committed to leading by example and this is not lost on the young women who look to us for guidance.




The Challenges of Commitment


Being a member of the Sting Soccer club is not easy and to some degree we planned it that way. It’s physically and emotionally challenging. There are two practices each week and games each week. There’s travel involved and community service. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything else – especially anything that’s a waste of time.


Many of our athletes go on play college soccer and their Sting Soccer experience prepares them for the demands of athletics and academics. Being a part of the Sting Soccer club requires a strong commitment on every kid’s part to be a part of a team – something bigger than themselves.


Our girls may be tired or hurt but their commitment keeps them competing. We put them in position to be successful. Needless to say, this sense of commitment is a valuable trait to have for “life after soccer.”


Just as we insist that our young athletes commit to a rigorous conditioning and training schedule, we demand the same or greater commitment from ourselves – the staff and coaches at Sting. We hire the best talent available and give them the tools and responsibility to do their jobs well. It’s because of this commitment that we attract the best teachers, motivators and business staff in amateur sports to our club.


We are not parents of these young women, but we want to assist their parents with guidelines to help these kids reach their potential as athletes and people. The parents and the girls who go on to become successful women come back and tell us they appreciate this!


You Can’t Lead Where You Won’t Go


The final pillar of the Sting Mission – Leadership – is really a combination of all the other pillars we have presented. As we have noted in previous posts, we believe having a strong moral foundation is based five pillars:

Pride, Tradition, Character, Commitment and Leadership.


You’re put in so many different roles in the sport of soccer and the young women who play for our club learn about leadership in many ways. Leadership is a subtle concept. It’s not always accomplished by giving orders. In many cases it involves setting a good example.


This is the concept of leadership we want our athletes to aspire to. We want them to have the skills, training, conditioning and heart to make the right decisions on the field and later in life. When they do this, others will follow their lead.


From the standpoint of the staff and management of Sting Soccer, as CEO my job is to also lead by example. I challenge myself daily to do a better job of putting our coaches, staff and athletes in best position to be successful. We’re not perfect, but were always working on it.


So, what leadership lessons have you learned from participation in athletics or organizations? Comment below and let us share with our readers.

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