Brent Coralli


CommunitySuccess and significance are the hallmarks of a meaningful life.  To achieve both, leaders need the will of an athlete combined with the heart of a servant.  Brent Coralli believes “giving back” is the sign of a life lived well.


Successful business owners know that community leadership is the foundation of business growth, because true entrepreneurs are more focused on making the world better than they are on getting ahead.


At the same time, community leadership is about creating local role models for children to aspire to – people who embody a life lived well.  That’s why Brent Coralli created the Sting Soccer Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization seeking to ensure that all children have the opportunity to achieve success on and off the soccer field. The Foundation is an approved public charity for the benefit of specific youth causes. More than just a soccer club, Sting Soccer strives to create positive opportunities and benefit all children through their efforts with the Sting Soccer Foundation.


Select blogs:

  • Passing the Torch –  … Part of this character development comes from the club’s requirement that its players give back to their community. Sting Soccer club members assist non-profit organizations, they tutor young kids who need more scholastic attention and they are all actively involved in community service of all types.


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