Brent Coralli



Brent Coralli is a serial entrepreneur whose desire to give back is as powerful as his will to win. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Brent learned early on that what can be accomplished is limited only by the will to achieve it.


In addition to starting several entrepreneurial ventures, it was both Brent’s will to win, as well the heart of a father that led him to acquire a small youth sports organization, Sting Soccer.



Select blogs:

  • The Economic Impact of Sports   –  … The Sting Soccer club has become one of the best known clubs in the world and the VOLA apparel brand, while new in the youth sports market, is beginning to be recognized as an up-and-comer in the multibillion dollar sports apparel industry. While these ventures have clearly been successful in this sports niche, do they have the same kind of economic impact as high profile events such as the Super Bowl or the Olympics?
  • Does Athletic Apparel Affect Performance – … As has been the case throughout his professional career, Brent Coralli decided to take an entrepreneurial approach to this challenge. After many months of research and development – searching for materials that could stand up to constant activity and manufacturers that could reliably deliver stylish and quality uniforms – he decided that the best approach was to start a new apparel company.
  • Brent Coralli is on the Ball About the World Cup – …This is somewhat of a marketing ploy. The bottom line is that the game has been around for a very long time. The earliest soccer ball I can recall were the extremely heavy leather balls with the stitching showing through – really old school. When it rained, the balls would hold so much water they would almost be impossible to kick I’m told.





Under his leadership and drive, Sting Soccer has become one of the most powerful youth sports clubs in the world.  Recently ranked #1 in the world by National Soccer Ranking organization.


I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance. – Steve Jobs

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